A WEYMOUTH congregation tucked into a ‘big brekkie’ to raise money for Christian Aid.

In recognition of national Christian Aid Week, which ran from May 14 until May 20, parishioners of Weymouth Bay Methodist church tucked into tea and bacon sandwiches to raise money for the charity.

Jackie Thomas, Weymouth organiser for Christian Aid, said: “As a church Weymouth Bay Methodist church holds two events and a collection for the cause. Our big fundraiser was the big brekkie and the week before we had a soup lunch after Sunday service.

“I think we sold about 40 bacon sandwiches which is pretty good considering it was pouring outside. We have a good congregation who always come out and support us, especially when there’s food.

“I think the church is becoming known for its bacon sandwiches now-it is definitely a firm favourite.”

Christian Aid works to eradicate poverty and increase inequality in the poorest parts of the world.

Jackie said: “So far, as a rough count, Weymouth Bay Methodist church has raised about £300 but people will still send money in envelopes.

All the churches across Weymouth organise different ways events, some hold fundraisers and others collect door-to-door, afterwards I will collect the money and send it back to Christian Aid to be banked and we will know the grand total for the borough.”