POPULAR naturalist Bill Oddie is coming to Dorset in April as part of his nationwide Unplucked tour.

He will be joined on stage by Stephen Moss for an evening of anecdote charting their 15 years of wildlife television fame – and infamy.

The men, who both worked in television, met while birdwatching on the banks of a reservoir in North London and talked turning their hobbies into jobs. Happily, BBC 2 were astute enough to give them a series. Birding with Bill Oddie, pictured, was broadcast in 1997 and was followed by Bill Oddie Goes Wild, How to Watch Wildlife, and collaborations on the precursors of Spring and Autumn Watch.

Bill and Stephen will share memories and stories from 15 years of some of the most popular natural history series ever made, illustrated by extracts, some of which were so memorable that they ranked amongst viewers most requested clips- from Bill’s ludicrous attempt to swim with seals, to the breath-taking air display of a starling roost.

And of course, although the show is called Un-Plucked, it includes all sorts of other wildlife, from dormice to whales.

Bill Oddie Unplucked who is at the Regent Center in Christchurch on April 26 at 7.30pm.

Call 01202 499199 for tickets and full details.