Trees for Dorset is a small registered charity whose objectives are to plant, protect and promote trees within the county.

They offer grants towards the planting of trees, the main criteria being that the tree planting will enhance the local landscape and will be clearly seen from a road or public right of way.

They can also offer free help and advice to anyone thinking of planting trees.

The charity has grant-aided the planting of over 1,000 native trees on a farm at Stoke Abbott where the landowner wished to extend an existing woodland on the side of a steep valley.

The charity also supported the planting of nearly 100 metres of mixed native hedging, with trees interspersed in the hedge, around a small field and a shelter belt of trees next to farm buildings at Bothenhampton, Bridport.

At West Lulworth volunteers from the charity will shortly be planting 60 native trees and shrubs to rejuvenate a small copse that was becoming derelict.

Members organise trips to woods and other places of interest, arrange fund raising events and receive a regular newsletter.

The charity is always pleased to welcome new members, annual subscriptions being £12 single or £20 per family. For details visit treesfor or email info@treesfor