A REGULAR reader who wishes to remain anonymous brought in a fabulous collection of postcards of Weymouth and the surrounding area dating back to the 1970s.

Several of them are thought to come from the legendary hot summer of 1976 but you can see from many of them how much Weymouth has changed in the intervening decades – and also how much has stayed the same.

Our collector bought the cards at a car boot sale and the intriguing thing about many of them is that they have been written, stamped, posted and franked – but without the correspondent filling out the address section.

Another interesting point to note is the price of the stamps – they range from 1/2p to 7p, a far cry from today’s exorbitant postal rates.

Some of the postcards show how much Weymouth and Portland has changed – the fairy lights now replaced by lasers, the fuel tanks now gone from the causeway to the island, Westham Bridge no longer there.

But some things have remained the same, such as the busy beach.

One thing that all the cards have in common is that the writers are full of praise for the resort and – in 1976 certainly – the weather.

Comments from that very hot summer include ‘it’s really hot here, Theresa is very badly sunburnt’, ‘the weather is very good’, ‘it is terribly hot’ and even ‘we keep moving around to keep cool’.

The correspondents also praise the town for its beauty, the good food and the entertainment laid on at the Pavilion theatre.

‘We are going to the theatre tonight to see ‘2 and 2 make Sex’ with Ian Lavender. We are eating well – too well.’ It is just a shame that the cards never reached their intended destinations.