IT would appear as though singer Mick Jarman, lead singer of local bands the Nightflyers and The Soundsmen, struck the perfect chord with Sue Simmonds.
Sue was secretary of the fan club of The Soundsmen and upon meeting Mick and spending time with him, eventually became his wife.
Mick’s memories of playing in local bands were recently stirred by a reunion of local bands from the 60s, 70s and 80s in Weymouth (pictured right).
It was so successful, another reunion is in the offing.
Mick, 78, of Wyke Regis, played in local bands for 37 years and gave up in 1997. He began as vocalist for the Nightflyers, a five piece band which would gig around Weymouth and Dorchester and even played Salisbury City Hall.
Other popular bands at the time were The Crescendo and The Stormers.
By day Mick worked as a production controller at Wellworthy’s but in the evenings, performing as a band and picking up a microphone were what he lived for.
It was a whirlwind of a lifestyle, he recalls.
“We were so fast in doing these gigs, we played the last number from the back of the van and we’d be back on the road,” he said.
The Nightflyers lost their lead drummer when The Crescendo went to play in Germany.
Mick’s next band was called The Soundsmen, which went on to be one of the top bands in the area.
They would play gigs as far afield as Ross-on-Wye and Andover.
Mick played at his wedding to Sue in 1965. The couple have three children and six grandchildren.
It would appear as though his musical genes have been inherited - Mick’s grandson plays the guitar.
Although Mick gave up band life 20 years ago, he enjoyed a final hurrah on a recent trip to New Orleans.
He said: “I went with my son and I had the honour of getting up on stage and playing with the Smoky Greenwood Band.
“I got up on stage and sang Hoochie Coochie Man. It was very special.”
Mick says one of his favourite memories from his band days was having to employ four ‘lady bouncers’ as The Soundsmen became more popular!
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