CAN anyone help a former Sherborne resident get in touch with some old school chums?

Jim Frey, who now lives in Arkansa in the US and is 69, describes himself as 'a techno dinosaur'.

He wishes to make contact with people who attended St Aldhelm's Secondary Modern in 1963/

In that year Jim as a fourth form student and he then completed the fifth form before returning to the US where he completed high school in Massachusetts and university in North Carolina.

He said: "While in Sherborne I became friends with some of the nicest young people I have ever met, but upon returning to America became immediately involved in the transition back to US education and a country in turmoil over Vietnam, civil rights etc.

"In doing so I lost contact with those good friends in the UK and have not been able to re-establish any connection.

"St. Aldhelms no longer exists, having been merged into the Gryphon School. I contacted them 2 and a half years ago hoping they might have records of St. Aldhelms students from which I might get addresses but they did not.

Anyone who remembers Jim and would like to make contact should email