WE had a wonderful trip down memory lane with photos of the VG shop in Wyke Regis, Weymouth, last week.

Kim Green sent in some photos of the shop which were taken in the 1960s and we were lucky enough to hear from Sheila Eagling, who was then called Sheila Symes, and is the woman in the shop doorway in the photo.

Sheila said: "I used to work there in the 1960s for a few years. The Scears, who owned the shop, were very nice. I lived in Wyke Regis at the time."

Sheila is turning 66 this week and now lives in Bridport. Happy Birthday to Sheila and thanks for getting in touch.

This week we're following it up with some photos of the fruit and vegetable store at 27 Buxton Road, Weymouth, E. Glover, which was rund by Edward Glover and started up in the 1920s.

Edward's son Ron got in touch to tell us more and supplied us with these photos from the 1920s and from the 1960s.

Ron said: "My dad started the shop from a shed in Clearmount Road, Weymouth and built it up from there.

"He ran it until 1965 and sold it to a chap from the Midlands and then my brother took it over."

The shop, which is now a pharmacy, was very popular back in the day, Ron said.

"My dad used to go to Southampton to buy the fruit and vegetables. It was a very popular shop and also sold papers, which I would have to deliver and was a tobacconist.

"I remember it before it was self-service when you would go up to the counter and get what you needed and it would be delivered to customers' houses. There used to be no end of shops like that in Weymouth."

Ron said his dad was also a founder of Wey Gro, which was a grocery suppliers for Weymouth and they had a drop from Heinz, which all the other local grocers would come and pick up."

*THANKS to Barry and Sylvia Taylor who brought in these photos of the Spar on Portland Road in Wyke Regis, Weymouth.

The shop is now an Indian restaurant.

Barry said: "My family took over the shop from the Middleton family in the early 1960s. It was Hillbourne stores, then it was renamed Hillbourne Food Market when an extension was built. It became a hire and sales shop in 1985, then it was a video shop and more recently the Indian.

Barry says he has many happy memories of living above the shop with his parents Sidney and Greta.

"It was hard work, we all had to do our share."

And when Barry met Sylvia it eventually became the couple's first home, of which they say they have many happy memories.

*Thanks also to our online commenter 'weycoast', who remembers the VG Store in Wyke Regis, Weymouth.

"The prices in the windows? Just amazing - good memories - I was born in 1957 so nudging 60 now- how things have changed."

Weycoast asked if anyone remembers Radfords which was near the back entrance of the then Westhaven Primary School in Quibo Lane?

"The owner wasn't the most friendly chap some times because of the amount of schoolkids he had in and out of his shop - but I remember him running out the shop to help one of the kids who was being bullied - he got them apart and brought them into his shop - shooed us out - sat both of them down gave them an earful and a mousse each - I remember that to this day. Kids that were involved are near my age now, still friends and both shared a lemon mousse with me that day."

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