THANKS to Jo Luxton for showing Looking Back this photo dating back to 1926 showing Weymouth women helping out during the 1926 general strike.

Mrs Luxton, of Coronation Crescent, Weymouth, inherited the picture with a thank you note from her auntie D. Veale, who, along with other Weymouth women, helped to carry produce off the boats in Weymouth port during the railway strike of 1926.

As a result Mrs Veale received a thank you card from the Great Western Railway dated May 21 1926.

It reads: "Dear Madam, I am desired by the chairman, directors and officers of this company to convey to you their warm appreciation of your ready response to the call for volunteers to assist in carrying on the railways during the recent strike.

"The services which you rendered were of the greatest value and the company tender to you their grateful thanks for your practical support during the national emergency."

*Thanks to Mrs Luxton. If you have any memoribilia from the 1926 general strike, get in touch the usual way.