THANKS to Terry Thomas of Weymouth for getting in touch with us and sharing this photo of Weymouth FC, taken in 1931.

We originally featured this photo more than 10 years ago when these very pages were known as Bygone Years. Back then Dave Hansford had spotted his father Jesse Hansford in the front row on the right playing for the Terras.

Terry's father E.J. 'Ted' Thomas is also in this photo - along with his grandfather Albert 'Alby' Thomas.

E.J. 'Ted' Thomas is in the middle row at the centre below the keeper 'Porky' Hillier and played at centre-half. Albert 'Alby' Thomas is the one on the right with the towel over his shoulder - the Terras Trainer. He was the Terras keeper in the previous generation.

The right winger is Ashley Huddy who was later in life a net fisherman on Abbotsbury beach, Terry said.

Terry is also looking to make contact with Dave, who was last known to be living in Devizes, about those Weymouth FC years. Anyone who can help should email Terry at