Following the news of Dale Rhodes' team of 8 Weymouth schoolteachers running in capes and mortarboards, the Police now confirm they too will be running in uniform!

Inspector Pete Meteau, Head of Weymouth and Portland Police, and a keen runner himself, says: "We have five runners so far, but the word is getting around and I believe we will have more on the day. Police uniforms are not necessarily the ideal clothing for a seven mile run but at times we need to move quite fast in them so we'll be looking to put in a reasonable performance, though being part of the atmosphere of the day itself is our main aim."

John Grantham, Marketing Director of the Race Day adds: "While the 7 and 3 mile races are road races' being run under UK Athletics' rules, and not actually fun runs' in the normal sense of the term - because there will for instance be no entries where any fancy dress worn could be so bulky or awkward that it could be detrimental to passing pedestrians - the Day will be enormous fun'. We now look to other groups in the community to enter in their uniforms, and we know of some groups who are considering this: we would like to hear of others. It will certainly bring the whole community together."

Another feature in planning the Day is the promotion Dale Rhodes and her team are undertaking within schools to encourage entries in the children's races - the 8-10s, the 11-13s and for the Fancy Dress Fun Run for the 0-7 year-olds. . Every participant in the children's races receives a Samaritans Great Race Day medallion with neck ribbon.

Those wanting details/entry form for the 7 mile, 3 mile Scenic' and three children's races can go to or phone the Race Secretary on 01305-813046 for a leaflet.