By Guy Dickinson, Weymouth GP

“I TRY to be green within certain limits. I’ll use the train whenever I can and ride my bicycle.

“I have to use the car for work for visiting patients although I will take the motorbike if it’s not raining.

“I try to protect the countryside as much as I can by joining certain campaigns to stop building roads including the current one.

“A lot of alternatives to the Weymouth relief road that should have been investigated have been brushed aside.

“Building more roads isn’t the answer because all it will do is encourage more people to drive. I read somewhere that if the amount of traffic reduced by 15 per cent there wouldn’t be any traffic jams. “My home is double glazed and insulated. I’d invest in alternative energy schemes if they weren’t so expensive. There should be more grants available.

“I also think there should be a lot more investment from government in renewable energy because we’re way behind other countries.”