WITH barely three weeks to go until the general election, we’re giving you the chance to set the agenda.

We want to know what questions you would like the Dorset Echo to put to the candidates in the June 8 poll.

As the political parties set out their agendas, there may be issues that you don’t think are being raised properly. Or you might want to see politicians grilled on the policies they have already announced.

When Theresa May called the snap election, she sought to make Brexit the central issue, and has called for a mandate in her negotiations with the EU. Labour have said they would honour the decision to leave the EU but prioritise trade and workers’ protections. The Liberal Democrats want to remain in the single market and offer the public a vote on the final Brexit deal.

Labour has pledged not to raise taxes on 95 per cent of workers, only those earning £80,000 a year or more. The Conservatives have pledged not to raise VAT, but have not yet repeated a commitment not to raise tax and National Insurance. The Lib Dems would add 1p to tax to pay for extra health and social care spending.

The Tories want to limit immigration to the tens of thousands, while Labour accepts free movement of people for Europe, and the Lib Dems are against fixed targets.

In housing, labour has pledged to build a million homes over five years, while the Lib Dems would introduce a new bank to generate funding for homes.

Other issues that have been discussed so far have included energy prices, defence and childcare.

But what would you like to put on the agenda?

To suggest some questions:

email newsdesk@dorsetecho.co.uk (with “Election questions” in the subject line);

visit the Dorset Echo Facebook group;

tweet us @dorsetecho

or write to Election Questions, Newsdesk, Dorset Echo, Fleet House, hampshire Road, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 9XD.