Your correspondent, David Harris asks where will the money come from to upgrade the Pavilion site Where Will The Money Come From?', Echo, October 24).

Here are a few suggestions.

1. Try again for a developer who will not ruin a world-wide beauty spot (view). Who will develop the site as a tourist attraction as laid down in the Weymouth Master Plan.

2. Approach Asda to see if a deal can be struck for a new superstore at Chickerell.

3. Take a hard look at where all the money from the harbour', car parks, and council tax is going to - more efficiency, less wastage. As people retire do not automatically employ more people but look for savings.

4. The audit committee two years ago reported some areas of Weymouth and Portland Borough Council were weak.

5. Sell off the council offices, move to another less desirable area. I believe New Look has offered to build a new fire station. Cannot the whole harbourside be developed?

We could do with fewer councillors and instead an elected mayor to run the town efficiently on a business footing. Stop sending councillors to a regional undemocratic assembly talking shop. How much in expenses etc. has this cost the council tax-payer?

Perhaps a hotel could be built on the Nothe or Swannery area.

Ask council tax payers if they would be willing to pay a one-off £100 to help refurbish the Pavilion.

Have a five-year fund raising effort to raise money to upgrade the Pavilion, with fun runs etc. and involve the whole town.

As in Disney World, have a room tax for visitors to the town; this money to be ring fenced' to upgrade tourist facilities to improve their holiday experience in Weymouth.

For once and for all councillors have the moral courage to put their names where they stand on this development so the people who vote you in can make their democratic choice.

Recent correspondents have mentioned the eyesores at West Bay and Poole Quay caused by recent developments. That is why we are worried - people know this will happen in Weymouth.

We the protestors will not go away. We do not trust people to protect the beauty of Weymouth Bay.

D S L Julian, Old Castle Road, Weymouth.