WEST Dorset rightly prides itself on its Jurassic Coast - does it also pride itself on its Jurassic School?

I have four children. Three of my children are able-bodied and neurotypical; one of my children is severely disabled.

Three of my children are educated locally in buildings that are fit for purpose; one of my children is educated locally in a building that is anything but fit for purpose and that Dorset County Council are on record as promising to rebuild.

They have been promising to rebuild Mountjoy Special School for years. And still we wait.

It is nothing short of scandalous that the most vulnerable children in West Dorset are educated in such an environment.

We watch as mainstream schools are built in the county-and still our children wait.

It is heartbreaking that our children are discriminated against in this way.

They have so many difficulties to contend with in their lives as a consequence of their disabilities.

Why should they also have to contend with a school building that is so unsuitable for their needs?

Why should parents who already have so much to deal with, have to deal with uncertainty over the schools future?

Mountjoy has so much going for it. The staff are talented, dedicated and caring.

The school has enormous local support from the people of Bridport who have turned out over and over again to support us in our fight for a new school.

Isn't it about time that Dorset County Council also supported us and gave us the new school that they promised us and that our children so much deserve?

Ms C Eveleigh, Meadow House, Toller Porcorum.