Weymouth has been praised by actress and producer Sadie Frost – after cameras rolled in the resort for her new film.

Hollywood star and fashion designer Sadie visited the town to help oversee the production of her new film Two for Joy starring Billie Piper.

She said residents have been very kind and welcoming to the film’s cast and crew, who visited earlier this month.

She added: “It has been amazing spending time in this part of the world.

“The people are so welcoming and it is an amazing place, there is something very special about it.

“It ticks all the boxes, it has been a dream. The hardest part has been adapting to the changeable weather it’s either sunny or raining.”

Sadie started the film production company Blonde to Black Pictures four years ago with producer Emma Comley. Two for Joy will be the third feature film produced by the company.

Two for Joy is a coming-of-age drama and stars Billie Piper, Samantha Morton and Aled Jones’ daughter Emilia Jones.

The plot follows the turbulent relationship between a teenage daughter, her bed-bound mother and her rebellious younger brother.

It explores the themes of mental health and young carers.

Sadie explained some of the film’s themes.

She said: “It is a very visual film about how difficult it is to be a single mother with teenage children and how definitive relationships are for woman and if they go off course how do they affect children.

“It captures images of forgotten Britain and the struggles of single mothers.”

Part of the film has been shot in Ringstead at the Creek Caravan Site.

According to Sadie, the film’s director Tom Beard used to visit the campsite while growing up.

She added: “He used to come to the caravan site in Ringstead when he was growing up and he wrote the script with Weymouth in mind.

“The film takes place with the characters visiting the caravan site.”

The film will be entered into the Cannes Film Festival which will take place in May 2018, however, the film’s public release isn’t expected until September 2018.

The production team filmed in Weymouth before moving to Newport, south Wales to continue filming.

The team’s choice to film in Weymouth comes after the resort welcomed Hollywood in 2016 for the epic war movie Dunkirk. Christopher Nolan’s film, partly shot around Weymouth Harbour, was released in the summer.