Although my internet connection is unaffected, my telephone remains inoperative as of January 19, due to a fault with the BT line.

This is inconvenient, as I need to see my dentist in Dorchester, my doctor in Weymouth, and to speak to various suppliers of goods and services – all of which is greatly facilitated by having a functional telephone.

I have emailed my supplier, Talk Talk, on a number of occasions, but of course, they are at the mercy of BT. I had thought to contact the local MP but emails to him usually receive an automatic acknowledgement, and that is all one hears from him. BT and Talk Talk are not easy to contact, or receive satisfactory responses from, and finding Shangri-La would be a considerably easier task than finding an office for these people, to which one could go, and, in the transatlantic vernacular ‘kick some Donkeys’.

Does anyone have any helpful suggestions as to how I might regain the use of my home telephone, please?

Monika Fisher, Chickerell Road, Weymouth