I believe we use the word democracy without due consideration.

Many changes are made to our lives by the political parties while they are in power, without consulting the people. These changes include: the new West Dorset council offices, the sea front lights, high density housing, purchase of redundant naval married quarters for social cleansing of large cities, grouping housing development negatively affecting school performance and increasing crime, vastly increased traffic density, introduction of school academies and closure of colleges.

On a national level it is introducing demographic change and party political control tantamount to appointing a ruling elite, i.e. MPs who are then controlled by the whip or sponsors.

We should all take the responsibility of voting but we don’t have to accept what is on offer.

In other words we could take back power into the hands of the people if most of us wrote on our ballot papers ‘none of the above’.

Consequently the people would have to be consulted about what political grouping they would accept.

That would be more democratic than our present system.

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