I have walked between Weymouth and Dorchester once a month ever since the Weymouth Relief Road opened 14 months ago.

I miss the wonderful view from the old Ridgeway road when driving, and so too the steady slog up to enjoy the old view – the best of Weymouth.

I have had a little bet with myself, and expected THEM to appear a year ago and was pleasantly surprised when they didn’t.

However, today my dread was realised and my prediction has come true. So, who are they? Oh, those who expect to park wherever and whenever they like without contributing financially.

Those who expect society to keep them in benefits, and those who expect society to clean up after them. Guessed yet? Why, the dear old ‘travellers’.

There were two caravans and their vehicles, barbecues, and even a quad bike parked at the point of the most wonderful view. One of the caravans is large, new and expensive looking – surely they can afford the fees on a proper site?

Now I know the access to this road has to be kept open near the junction of the slip road up to Weymouth Relief Road and the road under the bridge to Bincombe and also on the old Came Down road – farm vehicles use it on a daily basis.

But surely, someone with a bit of wisdom – councillors or the highways department – might have foreseen this happening too, and should have installed some sort of authorised access controlled device.