Never have I felt so let down and embarrassed by a group of local representatives. I am referring to the laser lights.

Did anyone see this particular display anywhere else before purchasing it?

Had no-one any idea how limited the impact would be?

Had no-one worked out that the nature of the surrounding lighting would detract from any display?

It was stated that we were the first seaside resort with this ‘art installation’ and now I can see why!

That so much money could be spent with what I can only assume was with no sense of the final outcome is poor judgement at best.

To have then made this poor judgement at the cost of one of the key features of Weymouth Bay, its fairy lights, is unforgivable. Where did this sense of context go? Where were the planning department when we needed them?

This much-loved feature of the bay could have been easily, and in comparison very cheaply, upgraded with a set of LED lights to great effect.

Not only would we have had long lasting, cheap to run and hard to break beautiful sources of multi-coloured lights but we would have had a light display in keeping with the nature and character of Weymouth Bay, which would have been a greater attraction and not a hazard to local shipping.

Joan Edgington, Heron Close, Preston