While much credit has rightly been given to the volunteer Ambassadors for the service they gave to the town during the Olympics , no mention has been made locally of the many hundreds of volunteer Games Makers.

They turned up every day to make the sailing Olympics a success and will do so again for the Paralympics.

They have come from all over the country entirely at their own expense and many have stayed in guest houses and B&Bs or campsites and spent their free time in the local area. Most, like many of the other visitors who came for the sailing, have visited Weymouth for the first time.

Unlike all the other venues, the Games Makers in the sailing venue have not come into contact with the general public but they have still brought the same enthusiasm and humour to their roles that has achieved national acclaim.

As a Games Maker myself I have thoroughly enjoyed the once in a lifetime experience and look forward to the same at the Paralympics.

I have come into contact with many people, be they volunteers, sailors, officials or even a member of a European royal family and every one of them has been full of praise for our beautiful coastline and the welcome they received here.

We now need to take the positives from all that has happened and look forward to the future.

It is no good to keep harping on about what has gone wrong in the past because we cannot alter that now.

Ken Porter, Passage Close, Weymouth.