WESSEX Cricket (Dorset) has agreed a new shirt sponsorship deal with Weymouth Tandoori.

The company, which runs an elite coaching programme, is overseen by coaches Owen Newton, Sean Fitzgerald and Dave Trotter and is based at St Osmund’s Sports Centre, Dorchester.

The trio have realised their vision where they saw the need for a permanent base from which to coach high level cricket in the region.

Many courses and seminars are also held throughout North and West Dorset, usually upon demand.

Throughout the year their vastly experienced team of coaches cover every aspect of the game – technical, tactical, mental, physical and lifestyle.

The elite coaching programme itself is primarily an opportunity for dedicated young cricketers to blossom in all aspects of the game.

Each programme takes place over one year’s duration. The main emphasis of coaching takes place over the winter months in the form of DVD/computer analysis, mental/lifestyle and technical/tactical sessions.

Matches are played throughout the summer and tours are organised around the cricketing world.

The programme is open to 38 cricketers from across the North and West parts of the county. The age ranges they are anticipating working with are from under-10 to under-21.

In 2004, Newton decided there was a lack of quality cricket coaching for young cricketers who failed to make their junior district and county sides.

He said: “I believe that too many young, talented cricketers are given no opportunity to improve their game following rejection. There are a lot of young players out there who need a stepping stone back into the game, to boost their confidence and improve their technique.

“We also want to provide an opportunity for young cricketers at club and school level to maximise their ability.

“Wessex has, and continues to provide this for young cricketers and our goal is to work with all clubs and representative bodies in the South West.”