DORCHESTER and District ABC enjoyed another successful night in the ring as they earned two hard-fought victories in the recent Poole Tournament.

There were thrilling wins for Liam Legg and Sol Gilday-Evans, who delivered outstanding displays against high-quality opponents in front of a vociferous crowd.

Legg secured a dominant win over Team Wiseman’s Trey Noble, taking the better of the first two rounds with some powerful combination shots and a couple of heavy body shots.

Noble was unmoved and soaked up the pressure before composing himself in the final round to unsettle Legg, whose nifty footwork was needed to avoid his opponent’s fire.

Legg upped his game accordingly in response and utilised some unpredictable angles before landing some solid punches to claim the victory on points.

Gilday-Evans entered his bout against Yeovil fighter Liam Macmenery as the underdog, but floored him with a series of fierce punches early in the first round.

Gilday-Evans continued his assault in the second round, with Macmenery having to defend tenaciously to keep himself upright under heavy pressure.

It was Macmenery though who ended the fight the stronger, forcing his way into the contest with some big punches, but Gilday-Evans had the final say when he landed a huge punch on Macmenery’s chin to seal a tremendous win.

In the first bout of the evening, Dorchester’s Ollie Luke-Breen fought Poole’s Charlie Johnson for what was the Dorchester man’s debut skills match.

The duo boxed cautiously in the opening rounds before gradually easing through the gears. In the final round some heavy punches were thrown as each fighter looked to impress and at the final bell both their hands were raised to a good reception from the crowd.

Dorchester’s Angus Dunn also contested a skills bout against Poole’s Connor Edwards before attending the ABA Schoolboy Championships quarter-finals in London with clubmate Legg.

Dunn’s aggressive style saw him throw several good punches, but Edwards soaked them up and returned some of his own in an exciting first round. Dunn then delivered a good combination at the start of the second round, but the brilliant defensive skills of Edwards kept him at bay throughout the remainder of the fight with neither fighter able to establish an advantage over the other.

At the final bell, as is normal in skills matches, both fighter’s hands were raised. Dorchester coaches Pete Ewan and Mark Sheldon were pleased with the good standard of boxing throughout the tournament, and were particularly impressed by Macmenery, who recovered well to set up a tight finish against Gilday-Evans.