THE Terras are still counting the cost of the damage that the adverse weather inflicted on to the Bob Lucas Stadium at the weekend.

Friday night’s high-speed winds ripped the roof off a set of turnstiles and also brought advertising hoardings and cabling down, causing Saturday’s home fixture against Banbury United to be postponed due to safety con-cerns.

It was Weymouth’s second postponement in just five days and with their next home fixture not scheduled until March 1, the financial implications are likely to prove costly.

Club chairman and historian Nigel Biddlecombe told Echo-sport: “It’s a long time since I can remember anything affecting us like this recent run of bad weather.

“It has just gone on and on and on, and having spoken to other people in the game, no one can recall anything being as serious as this and so long lasting.

“We had the snow in the winter of 1962-63, which I can barely remember, and there were occasions at the Rec when we had to call games off due to the water table.

“We also had a few problems in 1987 when the pitch was bedding in but this current run has to be one of the worst we have ever had.

“Our next home game isn’t until March now and that is obviously going to put serious financial pressure on the club.

“We are also still waiting to find out the full extent of the damage.

“The main concern is the cabling that has come down with the roof of the turnstiles.

“We don’t believe the floodlights have been affected in any way but until the weather abates and we can get everything looked at properly, we cannot be sure.”

The pitch at the Bob Lucas Stadium has also taken a battering in recent times but the groundstaff at the club continue to do a fantastic job.

Biddlecombe continued: “The pitch was fine on Saturday and by 5pm last Tuesday it was also playable but because we had to make an early call to save Burnham travelling, we had to postpone that one too due to standing water at the time of making the decision.

“The last couple of weeks have been really frustrating because, in these conditions, it is sometimes very hard to know what to do for the best.”

The Terras are schedule to travel to Truro City tomorrow night (7.45pm) but once again the weather could well intervene.

If the trip to Cornwall proves a non-starter, there may be a possibility that Weymouth can arrange a home game to take its place. However, that would also be dependent on the Bob Lucas Stadium receiving the all clear on the safety front.

Meanwhile, Jamie Skinner, who suffered a horrific injury whilst playing for the Terras last season, has given an update on his condition.

The midfielder was due to visit the club on Saturday after arranging some time off from his new role as head of education at Leicester City FC Community Trust.

In a statement that was set to appear in Saturday’s match-day programme, he wrote: “Wey-mouth FC is the first score I look for on Saturdays and I will forever appreciate what the club has done for me as a player, and the kind thoughts and support from the fans.

“In terms of my injury, my knee is medically stable and my reconstruction has healed really well.

“I’m now trying to rebuild the mass muscle wastage that came with the injury.

“I am able to access first-class treatment at Leicester in terms of facilities and physios, so that has been massive for me.

“Originally, there was a concern as I have a condition of “drop foot” as a result of the injuries, where the perineal nerve got severely stretched.

“Yet, in the last month, this has shown signs of recovery, which has been a miracle for me as I was initially told I might have to have a third operation.

“I can’t say just yet whether I can play again. If I can then I would want my first game to be wearing a Weymouth FC shirt.”

In the statement, Skinner also gave a special mention to Biddle-combe, Scott Walker and Emma Tonkin for their fantastic support and congratulated Kyle Critchell on his role with the reserves, following his recovery from illness.

Commenting on Critchell, Skinner added: “We have both gone through a really tough time and we have both pulled through.”