WINDSURFING and stand-up paddleboarding specialists, the Portland-based Official Test Centre (OTC), made the most of the good weather last weekend.

Those taking part enjoyed two days of good wind and a slalom training camp with world champion Ross Williams.

There was also a backdrop of more than 20 youngsters taking part in their Royal Yachting Association core-skills training, which was a sight to behold – the harbour and slipways were simply buzzing with activity.

While the intention was to do some training before the ‘official’ racing, everyone was too busy learning from Williams during the sessions for any results to be registered.

Instead, the training camp’s team were subjected to race-start practice after race-start practice.

Once they were beginning to feel the burn, the focus was redirected to gybe and mark rounding.

The most common remark was how much everyone had learnt during the weekend.

The second one being how much they ached and how exhausted they were.

Dave Libby, a first-time participant, said: “In how many other sports could you race with the professionals and even a world record holder?

“With great advice on technique and words of encouragement, I was made to feel at home despite being out of my depth at times.

“It was a fantastic learning curve and a highly recommended experience. Many thanks to everyone involved.”

The next training camp is pencilled in for March 22-23, with the first open day on the weekend of April 5-6.

If you would like to get involved in the slalom camp, or have your first go at windsurfing, call the OTC on 07817717904.