WEYMOUTH Swimming Club hosted round three of the Novice League, encouraging younger, less experienced swimmers to participate at competition level.

On home territory, Weymouth members rose to the challenge by securing top position for the gala – in total they had 19 firsts, nine seconds and four thirds.

The competition has strict entry criteria, with upper time limits for events to ensure that club swimmers who are not always given the chance to swim are included.

If swimmers swim faster than the cut off time in the competition, they are awarded a ‘speeding ticket’ to mark their achievement, but their score does not count – seven of the Weymouth members did this.

Results First places (individual): Holly Calton (10/U 50m freestyle), Ben Kinsey (10/U 50m freestyle), Lauren Knight (11/U 50m freestyle), Bethany Webb (10/U 50m backstroke), Sophie Moore (14/U 50m breaststroke), Jacob Watson (12/U 50m freestyle), Joe Manning (11/U 50m backstroke), George Cartwright (10/U 25m butterfly), Ella Thornicroft (14/U 50m freestyle), Jodie Stone (12/U 50m backstroke), David Taylor (12/U 50m backstroke).

First places (relays): Mixed 11/U 4x25m freestyle (George Cartwright, Jaimee Browne, Ellie Hope, Jacob Watson).

Mixed 10/U 4x25m freestyle (Emiliea Furneaux, Holly Calton, George Cartwright, Jacob Horton).

Mixed 9yrs 4x25m medley (Jacob Horton, Eve Bisset, Grace Usher, Ben Kinsey).

Mixed 12/U 4x25m medley (David Taylor, Ellie Hope, Jodie Stone, Tyler Baker).

Mixed 9/U 2x25m breaststroke (Ben Kinsey, Eve Bisset, Grace Usher, Jacob Horton).

Mixed 10/U medley 4x25m medley (Bethany Webb, Megan Wilkinson, George Cartwright, Ben Kinsey).

Mixed U/12 freestyle 4x25m (Kate Norman, Jack Castle, David Taylor, Alasara James).

Mixed 10x25m canon (Grace Usher, Ben Kinsey, Jaimee Browne, Jacob Watson, Alasara James, Aidan Watson, Kate Norman, Tyler Baker, Danielle Brunell, Lee Manning).

Second places (individual): Maisie Pamment (14/U 50m backstroke), Lee Manning (14/U 50m backstroke), Jack Castle 12/U 50m butterfly), Izabelle Macleod (11/U 50m breaststroke), Danielle Brunell (14/U 50m butterfly), Emiliea Furneaux (10/U 50m butterfly), Jaimee Browne (11/U 50m butterfly), Jacob Watson (11/U 50m butterfly).

Second places (relays): Mixed 11/U 4x25m medley (Joe Manning, Izabelle Macleod, George Cartwright, Lauren Knight).

Third places (individual): Jacob Watson (11/U 50m freestyle), Tyler Baker (14/U 50m breaststroke), Tyler Baker (14/U 50m freestyle), George Cartwright (10/U 50m breaststroke).

* Weymouth Swimming Club is open to members from the age of five to Masters level. Details can be found via weymouthswimming club.com