WEYMOUTH Hockey Club’s annual Easter festival was once again a smash hit, with more than 30 teams flocking to Redlands to participate in the event over the weekend.

The festival, which also included live music in the evenings and a closing party on the final night, saw over 250 players take part across Friday, Saturday and Sunday in both indoor and outdoor competitions.

Club chairman and organiser Andy Stiles told Echosport: “It was really good to see lots of teams enjoying the weekend and we are very pleased with how everything went. Seventy people camped and the rest stayed within various nearby hotels.

“The weather was mainly good and we were inside on the Sunday so we missed what rain there was.

“I have had a couple of emails from teams already to say thank you to everyone at the club for organising it.”

Commenting on the entertainment over the weekend, he added: “It was different to go back to the pavilion this year for the first time in four or five years and it was really good to see so many people having a good time. Both the staff at the pavilion and at Redlands were very helpful.

“The festival is very important for the survival of the club, it has been going for around 50 years and those who help out are always much appreciated.”