BRITAIN’S world number one William Fox-Pitt, lies 28th overnight after the first day of action at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials with Cool Mountain and rides his second challenger Parklane Hawk today.

The Sturminster Newton rider said: “'There are a good few changes on the course,'' he said. ''There are one or two jumps that have got us scratching our heads, with one (the logs) that we we hope is jumpable.

''I think it is a bit unfair because I think the horses can't sight it.

''Until that point on the course, the horse is very clear where to go, which is good cross-country designing where the rider might be a bit confused, but the horse can always see where to go.

''At the logs, the horse can't see where to go, so I think that fence could be a bit of a lottery. We will wait and see.

''There are a few jumping efforts in that last minute of the course where you have really got to have plenty of power and energy. It is not a course you can get home a tired horse, I would say.”