SOME of Weymouth’s most experienced netballers have been reinvigorated with their new Viper 10 kit.

Lugger Leisure Club, made up of the Lugger Inn and Cresta Leisure teams, began in its current incarnation three years ago.

Both teams were relegated from the Premier Division at the end of the last winter league season but have taken Division One by storm in the current summer campaign, holding on to the top two spots.

Cresta were formed in 2003, Lugger in 2010, and together they have multiple accolades to their name.

June Reed (Cresta) won Umpire of the Year, Lugger’s Rachel Scarff has picked up the player of the year award two years running, while Lugger Inn were the winners of Division One last summer.

The club have put a lot into the league over the years, including sponsoring the Denise Camp Award – awarded for fair play and conduct.

Both teams have also got a lot out of their partnership. Their fitness sessions with Ian May and coaching from Louise Bugler and June Reed have all helped to be so successful this season.