THREE boats entered Weymouth Angling Society’s latest Thursday Night Boat League match, a competition fished in calm conditions.

Ray Goodwin was top angler on the night with his catch of pout, dogfish, cuckoo wrasse, pollack and bass giving him a total of 245 fish points.

Young Jordan Davis took second place with 205 points for his catch of ballan wrasse, dogfish, cuckoo wrasse, pollack, mackerel and thornback ray, with Steve Goodwin only five points behind in third. He caught pout, ballan and cuckoo wrasse.

Dave Hambidge and his son Simon took second and third respectively when they entered the Weymouth society’s second boat match.

Once again the weather was good and so was the fishing.

Top angler on the day was youngster Ryan Casey with his catch of wrasse, mackerel, thornback ray, pout, poor cod and dogfish giving him a total of 31 fish.

Hambidge took second place with pout, dogfish, poor cod, mackerel, thornback and smoothound.

Son Simon, fishing this competition for the first time, claimed third with a haul of a dogfish, pout, poor cod, gurnard and wrasse – both had a total of 23 fish each.

All fish were returned alive in this catch and release match.

Combined points results

1 Trad Casey (39), 2 Ryan Casey (37), 3 Dave Hambidge (32), 4 Sean McSeveney (27), 5 Simon Hambidge (26), 6 Innes Dixon (26), 7 Ian Weeding (24), 8 Billy Short (20), 9 Kevin Fox (17), 10 Roger Embery (15), 11 Matt Honey (13), 12 Mike Hussey (12), 13 Sam Short (10), 14 Roger Morgan (10), 15 Jeff Capaldi (8)


Fishing from 4pm until 10pm in choppy conditions with a strong south south-westerly breeze, members of Weymouth AS found fishing hard going during their monthly shore match.

Their task was made harder as spider crabs were on the move and making baits difficult to keep on the hook.

Fishing picked up in the last hour with Steve Pearce catching two ballan wrasse and a dogfish for 3.05kg to win overall. He also had the heaviest fish and best specimen.

Phil Cheeseman managed three dogfish and four poor cod for 2.36kg to come second with Ryan Casey claiming third with 2kg.

Seven out of 10 anglers weighed in a total of 26 fish.


1 Steve Pearce 3.05kg, 2 Phil Cheeseman 2.36kg, 3 Ryan Casey 2.00kg, 4 Ray Barnes 1.56kg, 5 Pete Hegg 1.31 kg

Heaviest Fish: Steve Pearce – ballan wrasse (1.33 kg)

Best Specimen: Steve Pearce – dogfish (75 per cent)


During the third match of the Flamer IV Flatty League, Dave Palmer thought he had a snared a monster plaice, but it turned out to be an 18lb 4oz starry smoothound.

This super fish was a personal best for Palmer and a new Flamer IV record, beating one which had stood at 16lb 8oz for quite a while. It could also be a new port record.

Palmer’s big smoothie took a ragworm and ammo squid bait intended to tempt plaice, but he was not disappointed as he also managed to catch three plaice during the match.


Rod Lewis, who had not fished on Colin Penny’s Flamer for 10 years, landed a personal best plaice weighing 5Ib 8oz, beating his previous best by 2Ib.

Lewis caught the specimen using 10lb class tackle with a two hook flatty rig baited with ragworm and strips of ammo squid.