WEYMOUTH Ladies’ busy summer schedule continues this weekend as the club depart on their first European tour.

Full of confidence after last weekend’s tournament win in Dorking, the squad are eagerly looking forward to upping their standard to European level.

The squad travel to Dover on Sunday where they will set up a one-day training camp and also hold a session to coach local school children.

On Tuesday morning, the squad will board the ferry and travel for a match in Strasbourg where the French hosts have assured that there will be a large crowd awaiting.

Following the match in France, Weymouth will travel to Munich where the second leg of the tour will be staged.

This has been arranged by Weymouth player Ramona Dienel who lives in the city along with Nadine Kluge who has also played in the Weymouth ranks.

From there, the Seasiders will cross the Alps into Italy where they will play Milan in what looks to be the hardest match of the tour.

The final leg sees Weymouth start to return to England.

The squad will return over the Alps this time to Switzerland where there is a match awaiting them in Geneva.

This match was arranged by another player that has often played in Weymouth, Katja Gless.

Volleyball at this level on the Continent is largely professional, so Weymouth are under no illusions that the trip is going to be extremely tough.

The fitness levels of their opponents is likely to be very high and the speed of play faster than the English players are used to.

However, Weymouth do travel with a large squad, enabling player rotation.