DANNY Way’s studies may be set to take him away from the Avenue, but he has not given up on the idea of playing for Dorchester Town again.

The 19-year-old’s football career is in limbo at the moment as he prepares to face his final A-level exams in the next 10 days.

And until he gets his results in mid-August, Way won’t be able to commit himself to the Magpies, or any club come to that, for next season.

A degree in Sport & Physical Education at Cardiff University is Way’s goal for now – he needs A, B and C grades to secure a place.

But while he is concentrating on his education, football will always be a part of Way’s life, though who he plays for next is hard to predict.

“I’m still quite undecided,” he said. “If I get the grades I am going to Cardiff.

Football-wise, I’m going to do pre-season again but I’m not sure where that will be.

“I’m weighing up my options at the moment.

“I can’t really commit to play week in, week out with any clubs down here, maybe I could sort something out for when I’m back for holidays and through the summer.

“I haven’t really spoken to Dorchester because it’s all up in the air.

“They haven’t offered me anything because neither of us knows what’s going to happen.”

If Way wasn’t to get the grades required for Cardiff, his second choice university would be Portsmouth.

That would give him the chance to play for a club closer to home, though whether that is Dorchester remains to be seen.

Even if he does go away to study, the teenager would still like to pull on a Magpies’ shirt further down the line.

“I’d definitely consider playing for Dorchester again,” he added.

“If I don’t get the grades I would stay in football, wherever that may be, but I don’t really want to think about that now.

“Football is a big part of my life and I want to carry on playing for as long as I can, wherever I am.

“If I went to Portsmouth I may be able to play regularly for a club near here, so that’s an option, but it all depends on what my grades are.”

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