WEYMOUTH Wildcats won’t be tracking a side this summer.

Despite being homeless, the res-ort’s speedway team has managed to race a handful of times since its Wessex Stadium track was closed in 2010.

The side’s last action came in a challenge match at Plymouth two years ago but plans to race again this season have been shelved.

Tim Allan, pictured, former Wild-cats’ track announcer and one of a group of die-hard fans hoping to find a new home for the club in the resort, explained: “It was always our intention to keep the Wildcats’ name in the public eye by racing in challenge fixtures from time to time.

“We have had a few since the Wessex Stadium closed and they have been successful and kept the flag flying.

“Unfortunately, those of us who have been trying to keep the club alive have all been very busy of late and I personally have a huge workload on within my own business. That has meant putting things on the back burner for now, which is a shame.

“But arranging fixtures and riders is a time-consuming activity but hopefully things will calm down over the winter allowing me more time to devote to speedway.”

Meanwhile, the search for a new home for the nomadic Wildcats continues, despite a number of set backs and disappointments.

“The search goes on”, added Allan, “and I think it always will. There might not be much to say publically but there are a dedicated group of supporters in Weymouth who are always looking, listening and keeping their ears to the ground.

“Our hopes have been raised a few times only to be shattered but we battle on and keep searching for that ideal venue. Weymouth is and always will be a speedway town and we will continue to work hard to bring the Wildcats back.

“When you look around the town and see all the visitors along the seafront, it’s a crying shame that they don’t have the added attraction of speedway to enjoy during their stay.”

He added: “So anyone who can help us or who has or knows of a suitable venue, we’d be delighted to hear from you.”

Club contacts can be found on the Weymouth Wildcats website at weymouthwildcats.co.uk