STUDENTS from the Tanren Dojo on Portland were put through their paces on grades testing, and produced some great results.

They were tested in Takemusu Aikido, under the ever watchful eye of Sensei Jason Bird, with assistance on the day from Greg and Steve Bucke, who are due to take a big step and test for their First Dan grades later in the year.

Dean Taylor and David Hagger passed for the fifth Kyu yellow belt, Kelson Avery produced a great effort for his age to test for his fourth Kyu orange tag as he currently works towards a first full Kyu brown belt.

Piotr Siwinski pummelled his way through his first ever grading and Evie Bird did great things on her third Kyu green belt in the junior grading system.

More grading is planned for December, and with a new influx of students recently involved, the mats are set to be jam-packed for the day.

For more information, the Tanren Dojo can be contacted on 07849315748 or 319624, on Twitter @MAportlandUK or on the Facebook page: Tanren Dojo Portland UK or Martial Arts Portland and Weymouth UK You can also access the Dojo’s website at tanren