PORTLAND Red Triangle hosts the annual Chance to Shine Tournament at its grounds at Reforne on Thursday, July 10 (9.45am-2.30pm).

The event, now in its seventh year, will see teams from Southwell, IPACA, Underhill IPACA, St George’s Primary and Wyke Regis Juniors do battle in this ever popular event.

St George’s will be out to retain the trophy they won last year in a thrilling final against Southwell.

Red Triangle’s Grant Neven has been in the forefront of taking cricket into local schools and gives us an insight to Chance to Shine He said: “Two million children are playing cricket today thanks to the Chance to Shine schools’ cricket campaign.

“We’re leaving a legacy of cricket in schools and educating thousands of children at the same time.

“Rewind to May 2005 and the outlook for schools’ cricket was bleak.

“The country's traditional summer sport was in rapid decline and in real danger of dying out in many schools.

“Less than 10 per cent of state schools played any form of meaningful cricket. Children were just not getting the chance to play cricket at school and urgent action was needed, before it was too late.

“The campaign is Chance to Shine, the architects are Lord Mervyn King, Mark Nicholas and Duncan Fearnley and the charity behind Chance to Shine is the Cricket Foundation.

“The idea is simple – link cricket clubs to local primary and secondary schools, pay qualified cricket coaches to deliver sessions and matches in schools, train teachers and encourage children to come and play at cricket clubs.”