WEYMOUTH’S Sam Webster moved into fourth in the British Championship standings, as he continued his fine run of form at the Larkhall circuit in Scotland.

Having set the pace in the early proceedings, the karter continued his speed on the following morning, posting some solid times in both sessions, despite struggling with his chassis set-up slightly as the track evolved.

Qualifying with ease was a clear show of Webster’s intentions for the weekend and also highlighted his standing as one of the form drivers in the country at the moment.

Having been caught up with other karts for the whole session, the Weymouth man recognised the issue and was able to find a clean track to set a fast lap.

He finished in second place, under a 10th of a second from pole.

After qualifying, he said: “I was a little unlucky as every time I found some clean air another driver would slow down and mess up my lap.

“I managed to find some space on the last lap and put in a quick time but because of how short the circuit was it could take two or three laps to really get going and set your ultimate time.”

Webster then went on to win both heats in very different circumstances.

Heat one was a comfortable drive with a win of over half a second, but heat two required him to drive defensively for a long part of the race due to set-up issues harming his speed.

He managed to keep a train of seven karts behind him for the full 10 minutes to justify his credentials as the man to beat.

On finals day, the Weymouth speedster could not find his pace in the morning warm-up, despite some changes to the kart’s set-up.

However this did not deter him, and he was confident of victory due to his pole position for the final, meaning he would have the chance to control the race.

But a questionable start from the drivers on grid two and four sent him back to third from the off, and he was unable to recover.

A good start in the second final saw him move into second and a late move a couple of laps later took him into the lead. However, he was unable to retain the advantage and had to settle for second place.