WEYMOUTH will be without five key members of their squad for this weekend’s clash with Broad-stone at Delph Woods tomorrow (1pm).

Skipper Kieron Womble sees the nucleus of his group, who beat Wimborne & Colehill last weekend to book their place in the top-four in Premier One, ripped out of the side.

David Trotter, Simon Browne, Sami Rathnayake, Will McKay and Harry Tucker all drop out, while Neil Walton, Laurie Whyte, Andy Jones, Graham Puckett and Marco Nott come in.

But despite the loss of five of his key men, Womble is backing his re-shaped outfit to perform and will not take the changes as a reason for defeat.

“It’s no excuse really, we still have to play well,” he told Echo-sport.

“We have a lot of players out this week but I’m sure the players that come in will do a good job, we still have a good bit of momentum, now we are in the top four we just have to go there and take it game by game.

“In the last six games it’s still all there for everyone to fight for their places, people want to do well and they have to on Saturday, it will be a tough game but it gives everyone a chance to shine.”

Womble’s squad will have good memories of their trip to Broadstone earlier in the campaign, when they were victorious by four wickets, but six of the scalps the Seasiders’ bowling attack took on that day came from Trotter and Browne, who will both not feature.

The captain added: “It was a very scrappy and tough game up there and it was a good win. If we can get that first win in the final six games it gives us a lot of momentum for the final weeks.

“You know two other teams in the top four are probably going to lose, a loss is a lot bigger than in previous weeks and a win would make a huge difference.”

Seasiders: Ryall, Whyte, Janaway, Womble, Lawes, Walton, Hutchens, Jones, Puckett, Ryan, Nott