‘TEAM LAWLEY’ will be proudly worn on the home shirts of Portland United this season, in memory of Portland footballing icon, the late Barry Lawley.

Lawley played for the island club during the 1960s before going on to become a successful manager of the side and then helping to support junior football for the club. He died at the age of 75 earlier this year.

The decision to honour the club’s great comes from Portland Stone Ltd’s owner Danny Nash, who won the main shirt sponsorship draw for this year’s campaign.

Nash has been thanked by the Lawley family, and Barry’s wife Jose admits it was an emotional moment when she heard the news.

“I am really chuffed, I was just overcome by it and I couldn’t believe that someone could be so nice,” she told Echosport. “When I was told I got emotional and I cried, the whole family are really pleased.

“I honestly did not realise how much Barry was thought of before he died. I have been a football widow all my life but I really didn’t realise how much he was thought of and loved. It is so touching for everybody.”

The Blues are looking to defend their Dorset Premier League crown this season, and Jose Lawley admits there was a sense of pride when boss Gary Bailey’s men ran out at Grove Corner for the first time on Saturday.

She added: “I was so proud. The club have done so much since Barry died, they have raised so much money in his memory and it’s just nice to think that he is not going to be forgotten.

“I can’t thank them enough, it’s such a lovely gesture and I’d like to thank Danny (Nash) so much for everything he has done.”

Chairman Robin Satherley added: “We are delighted that Danny Nash, the owner of Port-land Stone Ltd has decided to award the shirt sponsorship in memory of Barry Lawley.

“It will be a constant reminder every time we take to the field of the part played by Barry in getting us to the position we are now in, as one of the top sides in the Dorset Premier League.

In this respect we are very grateful for Danny not only doing that, but his continued support of Portland United Football Club.”