SEVEN junior members signed on to fish this year’s Frank and Peggy Daw Memorial Match from East Pier on West Bay.

It was not quite the record turnout of the previous year but every competitor managed to land several fish.

Conditions were a little challenging with heavy downpours throughout the match, but towards the end everyone dried out in some welcome sunshine.

A gentle off-shore breeze and flat calm seas resulted in several different species being caught, with pout, weever, flounder, ballan and corkwing wrasse, red mullet and sea scorpion to name but a few.

The harbour holds a large number of weever fish at this time of year which are venomous and needed handling with great care.

A total of 16 weevers were caught during the match.

The competition produced a close battle between Connor Hallett and Nathan McMaster, who both weighed in a good number of fish, including two legal-sized fish each.

But it was McMaster who took the trophy with Hallettt a close second and Eden Lynham in third place.

Richard ‘Tiny’ Daw, son of the late couple, would like to thank all the people who supported this match.


Frank and Peggy Daw memorial match: 1 Nathan McMaster, 470g (334g legal weight), 2 Connor Hallett, 854g (289g legal weight), 3 Eden Lynham, 365g (73g legal weight)

Heaviest flat fish: James Lawrence, 53g plaice

Heaviest round fish: Connor Hallett, 215g cork wing wrasse

Heaviest weever: Ewan Chambers, 31g

Smallest weever: Ewan Chambers, 4g

Wooden spoon: James Lawrence

Sponsors on the day: Delphine and Richard ‘Tiny’ Daw, the Watchouse Cafe and Kay Guppy