WEYMOUTH tall ship Pelican needs crew to sail her to one of the world’s top sailing events – the prestigious Falmouth Regatta, which starts on August 28.

The regatta will attract around 50 tall ships and hundreds of other sailing vessels from around the globe, and estimates are that it will draw crowds of 100,000.

Pelican will leave her home port of Weymouth next Monday and take a stop at the Channel Isles before heading to Falmouth.

Kate Graeme-Cook from Adventure Under Sail, the charity that operates Pelican, said: “You will be welcomed on board as a trainee crew member, even if you have no previous sailing experience.

“You will be able to be involved in all aspects of sailing the ship, such as taking the helm, climbing the rigging and adjusting the sails – the emphasis is on team work.

“A voyage on Pelican is the adventure of a lifetime.”

To be a crew member costs £500 and that includes all meals, bed, board, use of the facilities and training while aboard.

Graeme-Cook added: “International sailing events take place across Europe every year but it’s not often that a UK town gets to be a host port, so we’re encouraging people to get involved while they have the opportunity.”

For more information, go to adventureundersail.com /falmouth_festival, contact enquiries@adventureundersail.com or ring 858274.

Details of the Falmouth Regatta are available at falmouthtallships.co.uk