EIGHT juniors signed on for the annual Stokes Family Trophy competition and marked the 10th anniversary of this popular event.

Thankfully the weather was a good deal kinder this year with sunny spells and a calm sea.

Last year’s joint winner Nathan McMaster kicked off proceedings with a corkwing wrasse but was later overtaken by Connor Hallett with a slightly heavier specimen.

All but one of the competitors landed fish with shanny, corkwing and ballan wrasse, tompot blenny, flounder and weever coming to the scales.

Weever fish are very prevalent this year around the harbour and several members of the public have been stung whilst unhooking them; these fish need very careful handling.

All fish were returned after weighing.

As the match continued, Ewan Chambers landed a fine legal-sized ballan wrasse which catapulted him into the lead, pushing Hallett into second place and McMaster down to third.

McMaster managed to regain second place with only 10 seconds of the match remaining with a sizeable shore rockling.

However, it was Chambers who hung on to the lead and won the event overall.

The junior section would like to extend their gratitude to the Stokes family who generously support this event with tackle vouchers for the winners, with thanks also going to the other sponsors on the day.


1 Ewan Chambers 441g (327g legal weight), 2 Nathan McMaster 349g (205g legal weight), 3 Connor Hallett 458g (166g legal weight)

Heaviest flat: Caolan Ayers 40g flounder.

Heaviest round: Ewan Chambers 327g ballan wrasse.

First fish: Nathan McMaster

First round fish: Nathan McMaster

First flat fish: Kara Lynham

Heaviest weever: Kara Lynham 17g

Top lady: Kara Lynham 70g (sixth place)

Wooden spoon: Eden Lynham

Sponsors on the day: The Stokes family, Norman Stokes, Watchouse Cafe, Kay Guppy and Richard ‘Tiny’ Daw.