RINGWOOD Motocross Club staged round 13 of the Championship Series at Whitings Water in Shaftesbury, and the competitors put up another gritty performance on a circuit which staged a healthy 160 entrants.

Track conditions were dry and tough for the start the day and the Automatic 50cc class were the first to test the conditions.

Dorchester’s Finly Abbott, the championship leader, stormed away in motos one and two to take the chequered flag from a hard-chasing Ashton Phillips tucked behind in second.

Abbott allowed a maximum points haul to slip in the final moto, as Phillips was on fire, nailing his 50cc round the hilly circuit to cross the line first, with Abbott in second.

But the overall win went to the Dorchester youngster with 133 points, and Phillips finished on 131.

With a small turnout of Big-wheel 85s, the classes were thrown together where Wey-mouth’s Joshusa Coltart finished top of the podium and Charlie Razzell did likewise in the Small-wheel ranks.

Coltart did have his work cut out as in-form Phil Peaster lowered his colours to take the win in the second moto.

However, Coltart took the flag in the first and last to claim 133 points just two above his rival.


Automatic 50cc: 1 Finly Abbott, 2 Ashton Phillips, 3 Jensen Lewis, 4 Max Standfield, 5 Oliver Ruddock, 6 Louis Vincent.

Junior 65cc: 1 Tallon Empson, 2 Oscar Murray, 3 Shay Arnold, 4 Harvey Tanner, 5 Alfie Walbrin, 6 Alfie Hawkins.

Small-wheel 85cc: 1 Charlie Razzell, 2 Travis Reynolds, 3 Danny Tattersall, 4 Nathaniel Coleman, 5 Bradley Hicks, 6 Lukus Pocock.

Big-wheel 85cc: Joshua Coltart, 2 Phil Peaster, 3 Tia Empson, 4 Louis Baker, 5 Troy Jones.

Youth Rookies: 1 Corey Hockey, 2 Harry Pritchard, 3 Miles Jones, 4 Conor Good, 5 Harry Felton, 6 Jacob Oldham.

Adult Expert Open: 1 Lewis Barfoot, 2 Dean Woodford, 3 Daniel Saunders, 4 Tom White, 5 Luke Brine, 6 Bradley Barfoot.

Adult Vets Open: 1 Jon Sibley, 2 Lewis Scard, 3 Peter Skevington, 4 Sandy Palmer, 5 Paul Taylor, 6 Triss Macey.

Adult Novice Intermediate: 1 Tom Barnes, 2 Damien Saunders, 3 Kayleigh Durston, 4 James Banning, 5 Ross Walter, 6 Clayton Neale.

Adult Novice Open: 1 Keirren Genge, 2 Tommy Reeve, 3 Ricky Gimson, 4 Matthew Carter, 5 Alex Handley, 6 Nathan Ellis.