DORCHESTER ju-jitsu students enjoyed a seminar with Professor Soke Tony Ball during his visit to England.

Soke Ball is an 8th Dan in the Fudoshin ju-jitsu system, having studied under its founder Soke Bob Lawrence, a 10th Dan.

In 1981, Soke Ball moved to Australia, where he set up his own Fudoshin club in Melbourne.

His recent return to the UK enabled him to meet up with old friends and fellow students of Soke Lawrence, such as Shihan Kevin King from Fudoshin Dorchester.

He also found the time to run a weapons seminar, focusing mainly on the use of the three-foot Jo staff.

Fudoshin Ju-Jitsu is based on the fighting skills of the Japanese Samurai and Soke Ball challenged those attending, to use the weapon as they intended.

One test he set was to perform any pattern, during which the student’s partner would attack them. Soke Ball encouraged the students to defend themselves with the Jo and then, once the attacker had been defeated, to resume the pattern from where they had left off.

Soke Ball also showed students how to use the Jo to defend themselves against an attacker armed with another weapon, or no weapon.

This led into a session where students sparred with each other using the Jo, which resulted in some grazed knuckles but big smiles from everyone.

With more than 45 years of training in the martial arts, Soke Ball also took the time to encourage the students to reflect on what they had learnt and to pass on his knowledge.

Fudoshin Ju-Jitsu run classes in Dorchester for both adults and children.

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