THE West Dorset Indoor League will resume on Saturday, September 27 at the Osprey Leisure Centre after the summer break.

The popular and successful competition will once again have three age groups and it is hoped that the league will prove to be as competitive as last year with many results going down to the last over or wicket.

West Dorset under-14/15s’ coach and league co-ordinator Grant Neven feels that the support shown by the clubs for their youngsters has been invaluable and has gone a long way to improving the standard of play throughout the west of the county.

He praised all the youngsters, their clubs and supporters.

He said: “The commitment by clubs, parents, coaches and supporters has paid dividends, and the standard of play produced by the youngsters has been awesome at all age groups.

“The players are progressing well and on returning to their clubs, they are providing a solid future for cricket in the west of the county.

“The league is once again grateful to the Osprey Centre for providing sponsorship and support.”