Premier Division



LEADERS Belle Construction maintained their great start after beating New Body in a superb top-flight game.

A fast and energetic start saw New Body working well to get the ball into their circle.

Belle’s defence worked hard to intercept. Despite being one player short, New Body managed to keep themselves in the game with agile and effective passes, followed up with accurate shooting from GS Jodie Howell.

This closely-contested match saw both teams showing their expertise and athleticism.

Belle’s C Charlie Naerger made some stunning interceptions and excellent strong passes across court, moving the ball into her team’s goal circle where it was converted with ease by GS Laura Bucke and GA Leanne Holmes.

New Body’s defence worked hard to counteract this, applying pressure to Belle’s shooters.

GK Ellen Blackwood made some excellent interceptions, minimising Belle’s opportunities to score.

Fantastic teamwork from both teams, coupled with supreme skill and agility of these top level athletes, made this a spectacular game to watch.

In the end, despite New Body’s best effort, it was Belle who came away victorious.

Division Two



POTTING Shed had the edge to win this tightly-fought contest.

NMP Property started off strongly, taking an early lead and using the court well.

GA Elena Wood showed brilliant movement in and around the circle, helping her team dominate the scoreboard.

Through the mid-quarters, the game became extremely fast-paced, with both teams using strong accurate passes to move the ball around the court.

Potting Shed showed more determination and worked well as a team. C Lauren Humphries made good space and worked the ball well towards her shooters.

Potting Shed continued to close the gap, despite good tactical changes from NMP.

Only two goals behind, Potting Shed applied the pressure in the last quarter, speeding the game up to an almost frantic pace.

NMP responded with equal determination but Potting Shed managed to edge into the lead to take the game by one goal.

Division Two



THE match started off a little scrappy, with both teams trying to find their rhythm.

Tight marking made scoring difficult for both teams, but Basepoint managed to just pull ahead in the first quarter.

Basepoint began the second phase of the game with persistent attacking, keeping the ball in their goal third throughout the period.

Despite NJ’s best efforts, Basepoint completely dominated play, preventing NJ from adding to their scoreline.

NJ Netball remained determined but struggled to match their opponent’s pace.

NJ’s defensive duo, Natalie Gate (GK) and Sarah Hopkins (GD), worked incredibly hard to keep the ball out of Basepoint’s shooting circle but Basepoint’s C Zoe Fowler and WA Mary Wells-West manoeuvred the ball superbly around the circle, giving their shooters great position to score.

The final period saw NJ make some tactical changes, altering the dynamic of the game and giving them back some control but Basepoint continued their excellent play to walk away with a comfortable win.

Premier Division



WATERSIDE came out of the gates fighting, scoring the first goal within seconds of the start.

Coupled with tight marking from the defence, Waterside’s strong attack allowed them to take an early lead.

Poachers’ C Nicole Birley got some brilliant interceptions but her team struggled against the cohesive play of Waterside.

In the second period, Poachers’ defence showed great movement, intercepting and collecting rebounds but it wasn’t enough to stop Waterside increasing their lead.

Waterside’s defensive duo, Rachel Kilby (GD) and Kiera Boardman (GK), put immense pressure on Poachers’ shooters, making it difficult for them to score.

Despite some excellent play from Paochers, Waterside’s experienced, fluid play made allowed them to take the win.