NIGEL Biddlecombe has been reassured by the Football Association that the alleged charges being levelled against ex-chairman George Rolls will not reflect on Weymouth Football Club.

The current Terras’ chief, who took over the club from the Rolls family back in February, contacted the FA at the first available opportunity after the news broke in a bid to put fans’ minds at ease.

Releasing the following statement on the Terras’ website, Biddle-combe said: “I have taken the opportunity to speak with the Football Association and have confirmed that the alleged charges presently being laid against Mr Rolls are personal to him and do not reflect on Weymouth FC.

“If proven any punishment will be meted out to Mr Rolls and will not affect our club.

“I hope this will dispel some of the fears that are being expressed on the subject.”

Rolls, who denies more than 3,000 alleged breaches of FA rules, is set to face an independent regulatory commission on July 4.

The Cambridge-based businessman, who is currently the acting chairman at Kettering Town, was involved in the day-to-day running of the Terras from November 2009 to February 2012.