CHRIS PERHAM and Niall Laming are battling head-to-head after the first four races of the Bustinskin Aquathlon series.

Laming won the first event of the summer, finishing in a time of 29.40mins, with Thomas Kelly runner-up in 32.19.

In the second race, Perham hit the tapes first in 29.47mins with Laming second (31.21).

Perham achieved his second success in the third event, winning in the fastest time yet (28.56mins), with Laming second (31.13) once more.

However, Laming responded to take the fourth contest (32.45) with Kit Walker second (34.56).

The races are held on Wednesday evenings at Bowleaze Cove, Wey-mouth (7pm) and consist of a 950m swim and a 5k run.

Each race costs £6 to enter, on the night only, and the series will run until September 19.

The races attract around 30 people each week, with up to 60 during the summer’s peak.