DORSET Pentathletes picked up 17 medals in the final race of the British Biathle Series in Poole.

Twenty-eight athletes represented the team in the run-swim-run event and once again there were some top performances with seven of them striking gold.

George Tester (boys’ 12-and-under) was the first to top the podium and he was quickly followed by Olivia Foice (girls’ 12-and-under), Harrison Yarnold (boys’ 14-and-under), Elisabeth Hood (girls’ 14-and-under), Hugh Hood (men’s 40 plus), Victoria Halford (girls’ 16-and-under) and Peter Horne (boys’ 18-and-under).

Silver medals went to Luke McPherson (boys’ 12-and-under), Travis Bramley (boys’ 14-and-under), Lucy Brain (girls’ 14-and-under), Nick Ireland (men’s 40 plus) and Oscar Esposti (boys’ 16-and-under) while bronze went to Phoebe Mills (girls’ 10-and-under), Oliver Mills (boys’ 13-and-under), Kara Hughes (girls’ 12-and-under), Jake Whittall (boys’ 14-and-under) and Andy Whittall (men’s 40 plus).

Team coach Mick Flaherty said: “Once again Dorset Pentathletes dominated the event and the race was good preparation for the World Championships in Dubai on November 3.

“We had 22 team members qualify for the British team but only 14 can make the trip due to costs as all the athletes have to pay their own way.”

The following athletes will represent Great Britain in Dubai: Oliver Foice, Kizzy Price, Jed Skilton, Harrison Yarnold, Travis Bramley, Jamie Price, Elisabeth Hood, Victoria Halford, Oscar Esposti, Africa Mason, Tom Cain, Mark Bramley, Andy Price and Mick Flaherty.

Results, British Biathle Series (Poole), girls’ 10-and-under: Phoebe Mills (3rd).

Girls’ 12-and-under: Olivia Foice (1st), Kara Hughes (3rd), Connie Baker (4th), Ellie Gussey (5th), Aegan Bramley (5th).

Boys’ 12-and-under: George Tester (1st), Luke McPherson (2nd), Oliver Mills (3rd).

Girls’ 14-and-under: Elisabeth Hood (1st), Lucy Brain (2nd), Flora Johnson (4th), Sophie Easterbrook (5th).

Boys’ 14-and-under: Harrison Yarnold (1st), Travis Bramley (2nd), Jake Whittall (3rd), Hugh Ireland (4th), Jonathon Greenwood (5th), Jed Skilton (7th), Tom Boulton (8th).

Men’s 40 plus: Hugh Hood (1st), Nick Ireland (2nd), Andy Whittall (3rd), Nigel Brain (4th), Mark Bramley (5th).

Girls’ 16-and-under: Victoria Halford (1st).

Boys’ 16-and-under: Oscar Esposti (2nd).

Boys’ 18-and-under: Peter Horne (1st).