HEAD instructors of four different traditional Martial Arts are inviting people to join them at the Tanren Dojo on Portland.

A purpose built Dojo, with traditional values, the island venue will host Karate from Wessex Karate Academy and Portland KyokuShinKai, Judo from Weymouth JudoKai, and Takemusu (Iwama Style) Aikido, Iaido and Kenjutsu (Japanese Swordsmanship) from Sensei Jason Bird.

The latter, head of the Dojo, said: “All the classes strongly believe in hard, committed yet sincere training, with its obvious rewards. Grades are not given lightly.

“As the popularity of more traditional arts starts to re-grow in the UK, classes are starting to fill nicely, which can only lead to the growth of more classes, making them more accessible to everyone from within the Dojo.

“The matted area is perfect for Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi and many more such like activities, and can be hired at the cost of £5 per hour.

“This helps to keep the Dojo running as it primary purpose is quality of training over quantity of money.”

All classes, from all types of martial arts represented at the Dojo, are open to juniors and adults.

For general enquiries telephone 07849315748 or visit tanren-dojo.com

For information on Wessex Karate Academy call 07858390479, for Portland KyokuShinKai ring 07814711161, and for Weymouth JudoKai contact 07961691625.