DORCHESTER Middle School gained some excellent places at the Dorset Schools Biathlon at Leweston School, Sherborne.

The Year Five girls won gold with first place in the county, while the Year Six girls took fifth place overall.

With an excellent team turn out, and a particularly notable line-up from the girls, the county town school scored some great team points.

Many of the athletes were competing for the first time and really took to the running and swimming challenge against competitors from both in the county and from around the south west.

The athletes had to run 500m and swim a 50-metre race in the pool.

Boys Year Five: Zac Wilson (21st) Year Six: Alex Felton (2nd) Year Seven: George Kelman-Johns (10th).

Girls Year Five: Becky Warland (6th), Millie Hambleton-White (7th), Phoebe Kelman-Johns (19th), Yasmin Radivojsa (39th). Year Six: Erin Gowers (15th), India Furness (25th), Bethany Bugh (27th), Chloe Higgins (30th). Year Seven: Aimee Mortimore (28th).