Hello one and all from a very wet and windy Southern France.

We are in Hyeres, 100 kilometres West of Nice for the second Grade 1 Olympic sailing event of the year. This is the 43rd Hyeres regatta, it is one of the longest standing Olympic sailing events.

Sadly it is not renowned for it's great weather but it is a venue known for it's very testing conditions for all the competitors.

We've been out here for four days now. We came out a bit earlier than originally planned as we had some kit to test and a few rough edges to smooth out on the water.

We have spent the days sailing with the French teams and with the British squad working on our starting and on our speed. The training has gone really nicely, in hindsight it was a very good move to come out early as it was too windy to sail yesterday and it looks the same today.

So we have the boat to polish later ( hopefully it will stop raining ) and if the wind drops early enough we will go for a short sail. Race 1 is tomorrow with a similar format to all the other events of three days of qualifying races in split fleets and then two days of finals followed by a medal race on Friday.

After the Palma event we want to tear the head off this regatta, however, we are well aware that in this sport it is all about going through our routines and taking each race at a time and being in a medal winning position. So boring, but we promise if we get the chance to, we will tear heads off !

Look forward to keeping everyone up to speed, thanks to all our sponsors and supporters.

Chris and Peter

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